Many people have found investing in Liverpool to be a highly profitable venture, with new build properties that have guaranteed buy to let yields in strong demand providing a excellent return on investment.

Liverpool is a thriving UK city full of opportunities and big plans for the future. If you are looking to start your property investment journey in 2019, Liverpool is easily one of the best choices. With hundreds of statistics and a proven track record of property investment successes, we look at why you should invest in Liverpool in 2019.

The average rental yield in Liverpool is around 5.05%, far higher than cities like London which has an average rental yield of 3.05% and Southampton which is 3.55%. In a further study on the best UK city to be a landlord, Liverpool has one of the highest average rental yields in the country, with the national average yield standing at around 3.6%. Liverpool also has an average rental price growth of 2.65% too.

Liverpool’s incredibly low property prices are a huge reason to invest in the city, making it an affordable option for both first time investors and those looking to grow their portfolio. Many people wonder is buy to let worth it 2019, especially because 2018 was such an uncertain year for the UK property market. However, with a lower cost of entry, the Liverpool Property Market 2019 has in store can provide a lower risk investment strategy.

According to research by comparison website TotallyMoney, which looked at 580,000 properties across England, Scotland, and Wales to find the areas that offer the highest buy-to-let yields, three postcodes in Liverpool are among the top 10 most profitable locations for landlords.

Liverpool postcodes L7 – which covers Edge Hill, Fairfield and Kensington – and L6 – which covers Anfield, the city centre, Everton, Fairfield, Kensington, and Tuebrook – take first and second place, with average rental yields of 11.79pc and 11.59pc respectively, thanks to their proximity to the city’s three universities.

Liverpool has been totally transformed over the past few years, with a truly impressive rise. According to the council’s Liverpool Local Plan, there are currently £14bn worth of regeneration projects on site or in the pipeline, and in 2018, £1bn worth of schemes will be completed for a record fourth consecutive year. With targets to create 35,000 new homes, develop 370 acres of land and 38,000 new jobs.

New neighbourhoods like The Fabric District, The Baltic Triangle and Liverpool One are attracting fashionable new residents who are moving to the city for its increasing opportunities and vibrant city culture. Liverpool continues to welcome young professionals who are attracted by the new opportunities and jobs in Liverpool city centre, and major redevelopment projects like Liverpool Waters, Project Jennifer and the Knowledge Quarter are changing the city’s skyline too.

With property prices in Liverpool set to rise, it’s worth considering investing in Liverpool while property is still affordable. The range of properties, the unique appeal Liverpool holds, its impressive rental yields and affordable house prices all make Liverpool the perfect place for your 2019 property investments.