The Live, Work and Play Concept: The Millennial Lifestyle

The oxford dictionary claims that the uncountable definition of “community” is: the feeling of sharing things and belonging to a group in the place that you live. A sense of community spirit brings about a sense of safety, goodwill and support allowing people to thrive and at Romal Capital, the high-quality waterfront properties regenerating the brownfield sites of Liverpool, offers the ultimate future vision of live, work and play concept built on the foundations of community.

What is Live, Work and Play?

Simply explained by idea associates, the definition of a live-work-play concept community is a: development that has a variety of housing, is close to local employment outlets and provides recreational outlets for eating and entertainment. Romal Capital’s Liverpool Waters complex offers this convenient lifestyle with their stylish award – winning properties situated in the accessible L3 postcode area, approximately 15 minutes’ walk from L1 shopping facility.

According to a case study conducted by Deloitte, there are a handful of key factors affecting the millennial age group (people born between 1981 and 1996) and driving the work, live and play concept these are: technology, talent and transportation.


Millennials are widely considered to be a smart, adaptable and highly driven generation, being the first to grow up owning smartphones from early ages to witnessing the rise of social media. Millennials are also the largest generation group to obtain university degrees and by 2025, comprise 75% of the workforce with technology and media being top fields for employment. Technology is a key aspect of everyday life for millennials and a huge driving force in choosing where to live, from the convenient luxuries of fast broadband and smart home technology, millennials want a fun, diverse and fast-paced technologically driven location to match.

A report conducted by Prolific North found that many of Liverpool City Region’s tech scale-ups are predicting significant growth in the next year, with 51% of businesses surveyed reporting they were already trading in international markets successfully, a further 43% said they had overseas deals in the pipeline. Reporting a total of 23,400 digital jobs and the average salary as £45,000 coupled with the progression of diverse and cool areas such as the Baltic Triangle and the Knowledge Quarter, Liverpool offers the perfect environment for millennials wishing to work not far from where they live.


To achieve and retain the talent feeding into Liverpool’s rapid economic growth, there first must be nurtured talent, and lucky for Liverpool it is spoilt for choice from a variety of schools and universities. Home to four universities and a reported 70,000 students, Liverpool has been rated as one of the most loved cities to be an undergraduate and postgraduate student in. And with millennials being the largest generation group to obtain university degrees and Liverpool’s retention rate standing at 31%, Liverpool fosters the sought-after work hard play hard environment for millennials.

Complimenting Liverpool’s reputation as one of the most loved students’ cities are the variety of bars, eateries, shops and entertainment amenities.  From the Grand National, Liverpool International Music Festival and the Christmas Markets, Liverpool oozes variety and hustle creating the perfect environment for attracting and preserving millennials.

Other than booze and crazy mini golf students seek superior education, and according to the complete university guide league table, the prestigious red brick University of Liverpool boasts an overall satisfaction rate of 90% for their computer science course. Nurturing the future talent alongside the growing tech hubs of the Baltic Triangle and the Knowledge Quarter encourages employment growth, couple this with the ample entertainment amenities that pulse through the veins of the student community, feeds into the convenient urban living style for continuing to live, work and play.


Topping off the live, work and play concept the convenience of millennial city living provides connection through a multitude of accessible and regular public transportation options, and according to Bob Graves, public transportation is ranked among millennials as the best mode of transport as its frequent and affordable without the responsibilities associated with traditional car ownership.

Liverpool moves in a multitude of ways: through the sky with the nearby international John Lennon Airport offering worldwide travel links – perfect for the travel hungry millennial,  on the waters from the famous ferry terminals and docks steeped in maritime history,  underground on the Merseyrail and on the roads either by regular bus service or utilising the close connected motorway systems.

Feeding the work and play concept, the hustle and bustle of Liverpool offers the perfect blend of ample employment opportunities with contemporary digital growth and a continuous flow of diverse talent produced by the universities. Connected through accessible transportation links opens up the city, allowing the fun packed Saturday nights out in the bars and restaurants or further afield, Liverpool is the ideal location for the millennial lifestyle. Where Romal Capital comes in is by providing the live factor – by offering luxury investment opportunities in the highly sought after L3 location enabling the live, work and play concept within a community of individuals all enjoying the conveniences of Liverpool.