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Romal Capital’s business model has evolved over many years and today is proud to feel totally in tune with our customers’ needs. Our customers are our business and they are what we are about.

We understand a property investment can be the single greatest investment you will make. It underpins one’s security and sense of achievement while offering the freedoms that come with home ownership and opportunities for wealth creation.

This is why we are extremely passionate in what we do; how we build, design, how we deliver and how we manage property on behalf of our clients. This passion is what sets us apart from the rest.


Part of the sequence of events in property development is knowing where to build. Selecting the right location is the key to success. In our extensive experience worldwide, we can honestly tell you that it is rare that people are offered the potential for both high capital gain on their investment and high rental yields together. We wanted to find both, but the hard task was always going to be “where?”. Our search began based around three main factors investors can enjoy on their purchase:

  • Water – is the location near water — ensuring premium rental and sale value?

  • Capital Gain – will the location be in high demand 1 year, 3 years or 10 years down the track?
  • Rental return — ensuring that the location guarantees best rentals and lowest competition from other city developments, without the need to offer rental guarantees.

In development terms, if we have any two of the three criteria listed above then the location is a winner. At Liverpool Waters – you have not only the potential for capital gain and income but you have water which as we all know is the singular most appealing attribute to capital gain, resale, rental return and growth.

Liverpool Waters is the UK’s prime waterfront location. It is the location that offers investors strong rental return and assured capital gains. Central to its appeal is the lifestyle opportunity created by the canal river system and the Mersey River. Its waterfront location is the singular most appealing attribute to capital gain, resale, rental return and liveability.

The process of development started four years ago when we connected with Peel Land and Property and made huge inroads to form an enduring business partnership. By securing considerable land holdings on the transformational North West prime real estate Liverpool Waters we have now underpinned years of construction and management works that will feed down into people’s lives and offer them the secret to a great investment story.

Liverpool, as the city of culture in 2008, witnessed a major urban renewal. It showcased to the world it’s history, its vibrancy, culture and unmistakable brand. It is why Romal has made considerable investment here and will continue to do so.

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