House in a bubble

Working From Home During Lockdown

Everyone who works remotely must figure out when to work, where to work, and how to create boundaries between work life and personal life.

Mortgage paperwork and house keys

Mortgage Payment Holidays – Who Can Apply?

Right now, mortgage payment holidays are an excellent option for some borrowers. The coronavirus lockdown has led to some people losing their jobs, for example.

Park Central completed April 2020

Wonderful news in challenging times – your home is ready!

We are proud to be able to deliver our second phase of our development on Central Docks and Park Central looks fantastic next to Quay Central.

Landlord tenant signpost

Landlords In Lockdown

Inevitably there will be large numbers of tenants who will be unable to pay rent ‘as normal’ and hopefully they will contact their landlords to let them know their difficulties.

Stamp Calculator

Reduce Stamp Duty To Help The Market

Stamp duty is a much-debated issue affecting the UK housing industry. Homebuyers must pay the tax on any property purchase above a certain level, with exceptions for first-time buyers.

Rent due calendar reminder

Help For Renters During Lockdown

If you’ll struggle to pay rent during the coronavirus outbreak you should speak to your landlord as soon as possible to let them know your situation and work out a repayment plan.

Buying a home image

The Benefits Of Investing In A New-Build

Property investors often have to deal with repairs and maintenance on their rental properties, but much of this is taken away with a new-build as the chance of appliances wearing out is significantly lower.

Can I Afford An Investment Property?

When you’re ready to invest, the costs involved in purchasing an investment property are similar to those involved when buying a home to live in, with a couple of added extras.

3 Primary Factors To Consider When Investing In Property

Learning about the factors to consider when investing in property or real estate , we can conclude that it involves lesser risks, and at the same time offers good expected returns.

House price growth

History Shows The Housing Market Can Be Surprisingly Resilient

The Bank has taken the step in an effort to “shore up” the economy as it struggles under the ongoing health crisis. Other central banks across the world have taken similar action.