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Liverpool City Region is at the centre of the UK’s second largest regional economy and it’s because of this that we’re connected to global markets. People are drawn by market opportunities, business benefits, outstanding quality of life, globally recognised heritage status and a beautiful waterfront.

This is why the team are focusing on the investment opportunities in Liverpool.

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A city that has cultivated celebrities such as The Beatles, two of England’s most successful football clubs and is immersed in the rich history of shipbuilding and maritime commerce. Built on the water’s edge, many come to feel its soul, take in the opportunities, soak up the vibrancy and relax in Liverpool’s down to earth attitude with its impressive history. Welcoming and warm Liverpudlians make it a city where many people relocate to and never want to leave.

  • 2,500 listed buildings
  • More parks than any UK city outside London
  • UNESCO status
  • Home to oldest Chinatown in Europe
  • Most successful European Capital of Culture year to date

  • One of the most diverse cities in UK


The UK is one of the most sought after international locations for business and investment. Liverpool City Region being home to the UK’s second largest regional economy means it attracts more direct foreign investment than any other UK city outside London, providing a home to a highly cost-competitive and business friendly environment supported by the region being a designated financial centre for excellence.

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  • 6 million workforce within an hour’s drive
  • £1 billion Superport
  • £20 billion of investment opportunities
  • Largest financial centre outside London
  • World class for life science innovation
  • One of UK’s largest academic campuses


Awarded “European Capital of Culture” in 2008, Liverpool has reinvented itself as a modern urban centre with the opening of Liverpool One bursting with high-street fashion brands, awash with entertainment through sporting events, music events, and packed with restaurants, music, nightclubs, pubs and bars while revelling in a stunning outdoor backdrop of rivers, countryside, canals and coastal beaches.

  • Named “Top Global Cities to Visit”
  • 2 Top Football Clubs
  • 4th Friendliest City in the World
  • 2 hours journey time to London

  • 2nd most visited city outside London
  • Birth place of pop culture and music
170 Shops, Cinema, Bars & Restaurants

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Liverpool is home to some of the best leisure spaces in the country, at the centre is Liverpool One – a thriving destination bursting with over 170 shops, bars, a cinema, restaurants and countless attractions.

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