The research revealed large bedrooms are the most desired feature of a rental property for students. Living rooms and en-suite bathrooms also ranked highly. Additionally, high-speed internet was considered more important than parking spaces, quality furnishings and gardens.

Student tenants are often more budget-conscious; however, most said they would pay more if their landlord offered cleaning services as part of the tenancy agreement. Unsurprisingly, location is also key for students, especially being near a supermarket and within 15 minutes of university.

The results of this study can help landlords and investors better target students with their rental property. To ensure higher rates of occupancy, which is key for any successful rental property, it’s important to invest in properties with features and amenities students prioritise

8 Things Students Look for in a Rental

1. Affordability: Another high priority on a student’s list is how much the rental costs. Money may be tight, and while they need a place to live, they also want money to eat and to go out with their friends. They may prefer a moderately priced rental to a more expensive, renovated apartment. Living with roommates and splitting the monthly rent can also help keep costs down.

2. Proximity too Amenities: Being close to town/city is another high priority item on a student’s wish list. Quick access to entertainment, shopping, and dining are all desirable in a rental

3. Access to Public Transportation: Many college students do not have cars, so access to public transportation is a must. This can include trains, buses, and taxis.

4. Safety:  College students, as well as their parents, want to know that they are safe at home. Low crime areas are the most desirable. Well-lit apartment exteriors are a plus. Deadbolts on doors and working locks on windows are necessities.

5. Private Area: Even if a student is living with roommates, he or she wants their own private space. This can be accomplished by having multiple private bedrooms and a common area, such as a living room and kitchen, which the roommates can share.

6. Laundry: College students would prefer to have on-site laundry at the apartment building or home.

7. Neighbours: Students may have a desire to rent an apartment in a certain neighbourhood. Some students want to live in an area with homes predominately rented to other college students. Other students want the exact opposite and want to live in a quiet residential neighbourhood, removed from other students.

8. Cleanliness: Most students would prefer to live in a rental property that is clean and free from rodents and other pests.