How to Select the Right Property Developer – For You

Investing in rental properties can be a lucrative business, with low mortgage and interest rates and  the potential for high rental yields it is no wonder there is a reported 2.5 million buy – to – let investors in the UK. With the population increasing by an additional 361,000 people each year, the UK faces the challenge of providing extra housing. With the Build to Rent sector proposing an ideal solution for tenants, where buildings are at a high-quality standard and professionally managed with reception facilities, it highlights a beneficial opportunity for investors where properties are not exclusively built – to – rent but offer the same high-quality finish and services.

But what are the 2 key things you need to consider when selecting the right property developer for your Liverpool Buy – to -Rent investment, and could Romal Capital tick the boxes?

Targeting the Right Tenants

A crucial factor that needs to be considered when investing is that if you are buying to rent, you need to understand the local demographics of the area, from the expected rental yield for the area to the key attractions that pull these tenants in. According to a survey conducted by Savills regarding tenant desires, 54% of people would like to spend the majority of their time in a town or city centre, where there are local amenities, good public transport links, businesses and a “buzz factor”. So, ensuring you select the right developer who will match the local demographic is essential in ensuring future rental success.

Romal Capital’s waterfront properties is ideally located within Liverpool’s L3 central town postcode area, with a reported rental yield of 5.5% to 6.6% gross. Additionally, situated close by to excellent transport links that range from ferry, train and plane offering a variety of commuting options for working professionals. Additionally, the Liverpool Waters development is transforming into its own sleek and stylish community – a new hub for lifestyle, culture and urban living, running from the edge of the established central business district nearly 2km north along the waterfront until it reaches the operational port of Liverpool.

Reputation & Trust

When investing, it is wise to research property developers and be clued up on everything from credibility, quality finish to aftercare. Ensuring there is a feeling of safety and security in purchasing is crucial for making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, and this comes with experience and reputation. Researching and investing in a reputed developer with a successful portfolio can provide many positives, from long term asset appreciation linked to brand name and high-quality build finish, to confidence and clarity around any previous history that may raise concerns.

With over 60 years combined experience and a successful global portfolio, it is no mistake that Romal Capital was the first developer to be awarded a partnership with Peel L&P, to produce the Liverpool Waters development. As a result of their award-winning reputation, mirrored by their high – quality designed and finished properties, Romal’s experience transpires through to their confident business model, designed to give investors peace of mind by providing the confidence to transact with low deposits and a deposit warranty.

It is no argument that Liverpool as a city can sell itself as the lucrative location to invest in repeatedly, however, it can be argued that by illustrating investment security embedded with reputable high – quality finished products and attentive aftercare services; Romal Capital brands itself as the leading property developer to confidently invest your trust and capital in.