Again, a big subject so please refer to the podcast for a more in-depth response. However, in short, there has not been a better time than now. Post Covid, enthusiasm, demand is greater than supply, a rising market and low interest rates. This demand does not look like it will slow anytime soon. So choose wisely, do your DD and invest if you have sufficient deposit to invest now.

The real rate of return is the return you get on the amount you put into the purchase. For example, if you purchase a 1-bedroom apartment for say £150,000, pay a £30,000 deposit and mortgage £120,000, we will show you ways to let the mortgage on a buy to rent pay all your costs and still leave money in your pocket. So, the real rate of return is the net return you get on what you put into the investment. Return on what it actually costs you! In this case £30,000. When listening to the podcast you will hear how £30,000 invested will return you around £3,090 net after mortgage and all costs are paid. That would show a REAL RATE OF RETURN OF JUST OVER 10%.