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Spending Priorities Of Todays Renters

Top savings goals for UK renters include saving for retirement (14%), spending money on their children (10%), buying a car (10%), and leisure activities such as going to the cinema or family days out (9%).
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The Cost Of Running A Buy-To-Let Property

You must make sure the electrical system and any appliances provided are safe, and from July 2020 this may require a five-yearly check from a qualified person. For fire safety, you must provide fire extinguishers in an HMO, and provide smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Liverpool - Investors Looking To Maximise Their Rental Returns In 2020

According to the council’s Liverpool Local Plan, there are currently £14bn worth of regeneration projects on-site or in the pipeline, with billions worth of projects already completed.
Landlord's electrical safety obligations

Landlords - Your Electrical Safety Obligations

Electrical Safety First has found that landlords are exposing themselves to significant financial risks, from fines and invalidated insurance, through not acting on their electrical safety obligations.
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Will The New UK Immigration Law Affect You Or Your Tenants?

The new system will run alongside the existing EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS), which grants permission to qualifying EU citizens to stay in the UK after 30 June 2021 under settled or pre-settled status.
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Traditional Buy-To-Let Is A Safe Bet If You Invest Wisely

There are seven essential elements to investing in property that need to be considered before you take action. These include tenant demand, capital growth, achievable discounts and your exit strategy.

Reasons To Invest In Liverpool 2020

Liverpool is a thriving UK city full of opportunities and big plans for the future. If you are looking to start your property investment journey in 2020, the property market Liverpool offers is easily one of the best choices. With hundreds of statistics and a proven track record of property investment successes.
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Now Is The Ideal Time For Landlords To Make A New Property Their Next Investment Choice

An Energy performance Certificate, or EPC, is required whenever a property is built, sold or rented, and must be obtained before a property can be marketed for sale or rent. It gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years.
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Experts Are Predicting A Brighter 2020 With The North Of England Leading The Way

Over the past 12 months, the north’s housing market has fared markedly better than the south’s. In the year to December 2019, the north-west made by far the largest gains of 3.2%, while properties there took an average 68 days to sell.
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Overseas Investors Are Behind The Surge Here In The UK For Property

One major factor influencing overseas investors right now is the depreciation of the sterling since the EU referendum in 2016.