Everton Set To Submit Detailed Planning Application For Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium

Everton have confirmed that “remediation works” will need to be undertaken at Bramley-Moore Dock before the club’s new stadium could be built.

A detailed planning application for the proposed 52,000 capacity ground on 23rd December will be put forward.

The Liverpool Echo reports that Everton have made small changes to the stadium designs shown in the summer and will reveal the updates images two days before Christmas and Stadium Director Colin Chong has explained that preparatory work will need to be undertaken on the site before Everton could begin construction.

“The site is a former dock so I am sure you will be able to appreciate the work required to make it fit to house a state-of-the-art Premier League stadium,” Chong said.”We have identified all the heritage assets including cobbles, capstones, mooring posts and former tram lines and how we can incorporate them into our plans as far as possible. We have also identified areas of that will require remediation works.”

He added: “We will, of course, be releasing new images, as well as updating our app and flythrough video with the new designs. These will be available on evertonfc.com and peoples-project.co.uk from the afternoon of Monday 23 December.

“As the new visuals will show, it is a case of evolution rather than any major changes to the design presented during the second stage consultation.”

Chong has revealed that the club have performed tests to perform combat, and harness, the elements to which the stadium will be exposed at Bramley-Moore Dock.

“Bramley-Moore Dock is a naturally exposed site so we have been continually looking at ways of using the elements to our advantage and to lessen any negative impact they may have on the playing and visitor experience,” he said.

“We have put our concept designs through rigorous wind, acoustic and pedestrian modelling and have included additional measures that will be seen in our final proposals.”

Chong also added: “Perhaps some of the most interesting and exciting work we’ve been conducting is how we help facilitate the best possible atmosphere for Evertonians on matchday.

Everton FC’s Bramley-Moore Dock stadium plans ‘will bring 1.4m visitors to city’

Everton FC’s plans for a new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock will mean an additional 1.4m visitors to the city each year, Liverpool’s tourism chief has said.

The club’s extensive consultation is due to close this weekend, and Chris Brown, director of Marketing Liverpool, has described the new ground and Everton’s community-led legacy at Goodison Park as a “brilliant” addition to the city’s appeal, BusinessLive reports.

Mr Brown said: “This is a significant project for the city, with a stamp of distinctiveness that will help Everton stand out and to my mind enhance the riverside cityscape as well.
“It’s a design and a concept that I’ve never seen anywhere else with any other stadium development and it will be a big draw beyond football and great credit is due to all those involved – it’s mind blowing.

“Liverpool is already a hugely popular tourist destination and there is no doubt that the new stadium combined with the way the club hopes to re-imagine Goodison Park will boost our reputation further.
Mr Brown also praised the Toffees for the boldness of the “iconic” riverside stadium vision, and said he is convinced the proposals will have a significant effect on the on-going regeneration of north Liverpool.

Mr Brown’s words come after Liverpool business leaders last week praised the club’s plans for Bramley-Moore Dock, describing how there were “tears and goosebumps” when first revealed .

Ahead of the month-long second stage consultation into Everton’s plans to regenerate north Liverpool, which ends this weekend, research carried out and released by international property consultancy CBRE revealed that The People’s Project would deliver major economic benefits to the city.

In addition to the £1bn boost to the city’s economy and the potential for up to 15,000 new jobs and £34m of local income to local families, it has been estimated that an additional 1.4 million visitors would be attracted to the city.

He added: “Increasingly now visitors want to come not only to experience the match, but also to experience stadium environments, to experience the locations and the atmosphere, and I’ve no doubt that a waterfront location and its close proximity to the city centre will prove very compelling to visitors and to the great offer we already have.
“For the city it’s really important to stay competitive in a global marketplace so this will improve our visitor economy, the investment economy and the economy of the city.

“And yet, it’s more than that – in terms of the next stages of development for the city, it’s huge, especially in growing the city centre while being a catalyst for regeneration in north Liverpool and I think it’s going to be brilliant for the city.”
The second stage consultation into Everton’s plans ends on Sunday. The People’s Project roadshow has also been touring the city region to show giving visitors details on the plans and gathering the views of football and non-football fans alike.