Romal’s Liverpool Story

Our history is yours;

Romal Capital’s business model has evolved over many years and today is proud to feel totally in tune with the customer’s needs. After all, these needs are at the front and centre of everything a good business is about. It’s what we’re about.

A property investment to the most part is the single greatest investment a person or family will make. It underpins one’s security and sense of achievement whilst offering the freedoms that come with home ownership and endless wealth creation.

Everything we do or will do is dedicated to this intrinsic moral compass. We do not strive to deliver, rather we are passionate to deliver. We are extremely passionate in what we do; how we build, design and how we manage property on behalf of our clients. This passion is what sets us apart from the rest.

Prime locations are a carefully selected art;

Romal’s dedication to property and the industry we are so passionate about stems a lifetime.  Part of the sequence of events in property development is knowing where. Where to build? We ensure our clients have the best opportunity to gain both in capital appreciation and rental returns.

In our extensive experience worldwide, we can honestly tell you that it is rare that people are offered the potential for both high capital gain on their investment and high rental yields together. We wanted to find both but the hard task was always going to be “where?”  But we believe we have found it.

This is why over 3 years ago we connected with the Peel Board and CEO’s and made huge inroads to form the relationship and business partnerships that would endure a decade and more. By securing considerable land holdings on the North West prime real estate “Liverpool Waters” we have underpinned years of construction and management works that will feed down into people’s lives and offer them the secret to a great investment story. A story whereby both unusually high capital gains and strong rental returns could be simultaneously secured. A match made in heaven.

A third, yet primary important ingredient to property investment where possible is water. In truth it is why we at Romal are so passionate about about Liverpool Waters.

We are creating waterfront parkland that will transform Liverpool City. And water as we all know is the singular most appealing attribute to capital gain, resale, rental return and growth.

Our experience we pass on;

Having travelled the world and being involved in real estate since the late 70’s it was much easier to see opportunity and where it lay. Having family from Liverpool and watching the city come into its own from about 2003 we witnessed a new urban drive that would intensify as time went by. Starting with the half constructed L1 ramps and newly opened retail shops there was a buzz in the air. The city of culture in 2008 witnessed a growing sense of pride within the city and urban renewal on a much larger scale was brewing. You could feel it then and you can feel it still!

Liverpool has a vibrancy that is unmistakable. It is truly scouse; friendly, direct, fun, lively & an abundance of historic presence on every corner. A musical and football proud city, rich in history and culture, a city that is starting to understand for the first time in a very long time, how truly valuable their home is.

It is why Romal has made considerable investment here and will continue to do so. IT IS TRULY PROUD TO BE PART OF THIS WONDERFUL, VIBRANT AND MAGNIFICANT CITY.

Romal’s business model designed to give you peace of mind;

We believe deposits should be affordable and give both you and us the confidence to transact. We don’t believe in 80 % deposits & payments prior to completion.  This is an outdated model and opens the way for ‘non-delivery’ on purchases.

At Romal we do not adopt this type of model. We are focused on our customer satisfaction and confident in both our product and services.  So how does the Romal Capital purchase model work?

Low deposit

We ask for only 20% deposits with the promise of ‘not another penny’ until we hand the apartment over to you, the buyer.

Deposit warranty

We believe in giving you as much comfort as possible by minimising any concerns about risk by insuring the first 10% of your deposit.

Whilst this comes at a cost to us, this will not in any shape or form affect you. This is an attractive feature, which steers our clients away from the heavy deposits asked by competitors, which places huge risk onto the buyer.

It’s a real estate journey, a partnership, one which we take seriously.  We’ll go hand in hand with you along that exciting journey together.